About InsureDIY

InsureDIY Sdn Bhd (Company Number: 1132626-X) is a approved Financial Adviser with Bank Negara Malaysia. To provide you with fair, unbiased comparisons and information on a wide range of insurance products from different insurers, we are independently owned and are not owned by any insurance companies to ensure that there is no conflict of interest.

Within the Asia region, we have offices in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
We are all about Insurance Made Simple (our motto, in fact)! You may view our Service Guide here


Why Choose

Compare Insurance Policies Easily

Always confused about different insurance policies and the features offered by each? Don’t worry, we're here to help! Our experts have compiled and summarised all the key insurance features offered by different insurers to let you easily compare at one glance. Check it out now!

Price is important, but when it comes to insurance, it's not just about getting the cheapest one around. Choosing one with the right features you need is more important. Our proprietary comparison table shows what insurance features are included in each policy – and what isn’t.

If you've seen some websites selling basic, barebone insurance plans at prices that seemed too good to be true, know that we're not one of them. We pride ourselves on offering only comprehensive and quality insurance policies from reputable insurers, at the best prices that we would gladly recommend to our own family and friends.


Saves You Time and Money

We bring together the best insurers in one place, analyzed, and presented for easy comparison so that you don’t have to search high and low in dozens of websites to find the most suitable plan for you.

Fill in your details just once, and let multiple insurers send you their quotes for you or your business.

3 minutes are all it takes from start to end. Simple, fuss-free, no headaches!


More Rewards for You

Chosen the right insurance policy to protect you and your loved ones or business? Now let us reward you! If you have something you prefer more than what you see in our Rewards catalog, no problem, let us know and we can get you what you prefer!

Love us? Want your family and friends to protect themselves with the right insurance policies too? Then spread the word, and get rewarded too! Enjoy up to 5% of your referral's premium- it's as easy as sharing a post via your Facebook, Instagram, or even via word-of-mouth.

Learn more here.


Our Insurance Partners

InsureDIY only partners with the best in class and most reliable insurance companies.
The Insurers on our panel are well-known brand names with an excellent reputation for service and professionalism.


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Commonly Asked Questions about InsureDIY

  1. When was InsureDIY started?
    We’ve been in business since 2012, and expanded to Malaysia since 2017. Our product advisor panel has more than 100 years of collective insurance experience! 

  2. Why should I buy insurance through InsureDIY?
    We make choosing and getting insurance fast, simple and convenient, so you can save your time and money. On InsureDIY, you can:
    - Compare between policies easily, 
    - Get multiple quotes by filling up our form once,
    - Enjoy more rewards!

  3. Is it safe to buy insurance through InsureDIY?
    Absolutely! We're a registered company under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (1132626-X), and an approved Financial Adviser with Bank Negara Malaysia. It’s 100% safe to buy insurance through us. 

    Besides, you’ll pay your insurance premiums directly to the insurer of your choice.

  4. What type of insurance can I buy on InsureDIY?
    You can purchase Travel Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Medical Insurance, Term Insurance, Domestic Helper Insurance, and Car Insurance. The insurance policies available on our website are offered by our partners, who are the best in class and most reliable insurance companies.

  5. Where else are you located?
    Within the Asia region, we have offices in Singapore and Hong Kong too. 

InsureDIY Sdn Bhd is a financial adviser approved by BNM and is authorised to distribute insurance in Malaysia.