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Key Features for Domestic Helper Insurance

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Personal Accident and Hospitalisation Coverage

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 Temporary Helper Expenses

3 year term

Repatriation Expenses

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Do You Need Domestic Helper Insurance?

Domestic helper insurance provides health and other insurance benefits to your helper. Most employers will purchase a comprehensive coverage that includes hospitalisation and third-party liability insurance.


What Domestic Helper Insurance
Coverage Do You Need?

We would recommend you to get a more comprehensive coverage that includes hospitalisation. There have been many cases where domestic helpers fall seriously ill and employers have to cover their medical expenses.






How is a Domestic Helper Insurance Product Like?

The domestic helper insurance premium is paid at the start of the policy period. You can select a coverage period of one or two years.

The key benefits of Domestic Helper Insurance includes the Employee’s Compensation, as required under the law, personal accident coverage and hospitalisation coverage.

Additional benefits may include:

  • Outpatient benefits
  • Dental benefits
  • Temporary helper expenses
  • Wages and levy reimbursement
  • Repatriation expenses




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Commonly Asked Questions about Domestic Helper Insurance?

  1. Do I need Domestic Helper Insurance?

    Domestic helper insurance provides health and other insurance benefits for your maid. This will ensure that you don’t have to fork up extra money should a medical emergency or accident arise.

    Besides, all foreign maids in Malaysia under the maid work permit are required to purchase maid Insurance.

  2. How much coverage should I buy?

    It is up to you how much coverage you should buy, as long as you feel that it can cover your maid’s hospitalisation fees, should any event arise.

  3. What other benefits should I look out for my Maid Insurance?

    You can look out for additional benefits such as outpatient benefits, dental benefits, temporary helper expenses, repatriation expenses, third party liability, as well as wages and levy reimbursement.

  4. What should I do if I have questions or need more information?

    You can contact us at [email protected]. Our friendly insurance experts will answer all your questions and provide you all the information.


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