How do I recognize the right travel insurance plan for me? (II)

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How do I recognize the right travel insurance plan for me? (I)


Let’s go back to the questions that help you identify the most suitable travel insurance plan for you.





2. Who are you travelling with? (Group or Solo?)


Group trips have been known to be challenging to organize. Being prepared for every single situation is nearly impossible!


Travel insurance is a good way to get the best travel protection for group travels. Choose a travel insurance plan which provides good coverage for flight delays, baggage loss (theft) and trip diversion and cancellation.



AIG Insurance is one of the travel insurance companies that provide a plan with all-round balanced coverage across all of the above mentioned risks. Find out more about the benefits AIG Insurance provides from our travel insurance comparison table.



For solo travellers, choosing a travel insurance plan that covers the loss of personal items such as laptop and tablets, travel documents, cash and credit cards is important especially if there are no travel companions for you to turn to for support.


It is worth noting that some travel insurance plans do not provide cover for laptops or tablets loss.


AIG Insurance provides this cover with RM1500 limit in compensation per laptop loss. Check out more details of the policy by AIG Insurance.


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