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  • Cover Type : COMPREHENSIVE
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  • Policy Start Date : 26-Jan-2022
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NOTE: Premium and excess amount may be subject to changes after review by the insurer. Addtional excess may apply to young/inexperienced/elderly drivers (if any). All private car policyholders are responsible for an unnamed driver excess.
On verification with your previous insurer and if NCD does not tally with the advice, the insurer shall proceed to recover NCD either via additional premium or via endorsement and shorten the period of insurance concurrently. Please note that NCD Protector (if any) is non-transferrable to another insurer. The NCD Protector will not necessarily protect you against non-renewal or cancellation of your policy by your insurer.
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Private Hire Car / E-Hailing
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Strike, Riot and Civil
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Waiver of Betterment
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Windscreen Damage on Tempered or Laminated Glass (Inclusive of Labour Cost)
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Windscreen Damage on Tinting Film (Inclusive of Labour Cost)
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Important notice:

  • My existing car insurance will be expired within 3 months’ time;
  • I agree not to lend my car to a person to drive who is under 25 years of age or a person who has not held for a period of 2 years a driving license.
  • I and all named drivers have not suffered from any physical or mental infirmity that may affect my/their ability to drive.
  • I understand that any incorrect information provided may invalidate the quote and the insurance.
  • I/We clearly understand this declaration shall be incorporated in and taken as the basis of a proposed contract.

I / We hereby declare and agree that:

  • No information or representation made or given by or to any person shall be binding on the Company unless it is in writing and is presented and approved by the Company.
  • All written information, whether or not written by my own hand, submitted by me / us in this application form and in the Company issued questionnaires or other documents submitted by me / us in connection with this application are true, complete and correct. In respect of any information or answers that I / we did not provide personally, I / we have checked their contents to ensure that they are true, correct and complete. I / We understand that the Company, believing them to be such, will rely and act on them, otherwise any policy issued hereunder may be void.
  • All information and documents provided by me / us (as defined under (b)) together with the relevant policy issued shall constitute the entire contract between myself / ourselves and the Company.
I / We have read, understood and accepted the above statements which apply to all person covered under this policy.
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