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It's simple to apply for Term Insurance online! If you aged 45 or below, you can now get up to RM400,000 cover without going through any medical examination. 


Focus on protecting your family! If we compare Term Insurance to an Investment Linked Plan (ILP) that allows you to combine protection and investment, Term Insurance has a few clear benefits: 


  1. Term insurance has a level premium throughout the policy term, this means that the amount of premium you need to pay every year is guaranteed. ILPs however will charge for protection that increases with age. This makes the cost of protection cheap when you are young but much more expensive when you are older. 

  2. Term insurance is not subject to market volatility. For ILPs, because you are invested in the market, the value of your policy will fluctuate along with market performance. It is possible a combination of poor market performance and high cost of protection charges could wipe out the value of your policy and this could result in your policy being terminated. If this happens, you could lose all protection coverage. 


  The steps to apply for your term insurance policy on InsureDIY are simple:


5 easy steps to apply your term insurance


InsureDIY helps follow up with your policy application, walking through the underwriting process every step of the way, if any. We are here to service your policy for the entire policy term!


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*The maximum sum assured on a term policy for applicants who are not given a medical examination.







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Level Term



Value Pac



A-Life Protect Term

Guaranteed renewable till age 60. This means you can ensure insurability even as you grow older! Also includes a range of optional add-on benefits for your customisation.


Various policy terms available to suit your financial goals.


Conversion option gives you flexibility – you have the option to convert to a range of specified plans without the need to provide evidence of insurability before age 65.






Level Term Plan



Zurich Term Life


Basic term insurance to meet your protection needs, available for guaranteed renewability up till the age of 60!



Enhance your protection with a wide range of optional benefits such as Accidental Benefit, Hospitalisation and Surgical Benefit, Critical Illness Benefit and Waiver of Premium upon Dread Diseases.




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InsureDIY Limited is an insurance broker licenced by PIBA and is authorised to distribute insurance in Hong Kong.