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Do You Need Travel Insurance?



If you want to protect yourself against unexpected costs, mishaps, accidents, baggage losses or flight delays, the answer would be a resounding "Yes"!

Travel insurance protects you from unfortunate incidents that could happen while you're on holiday. Being insured will let you enjoy your trip, without having to worry about any unplanned costs when you're abroad.

If you're travelling with your elderly parents or grandparents, young children or someone with medical vulnerabilities, travel insurance is especially important. The emergency and medical expense coverage is one of the most important benefits of travel insurance. Repatriation (bringing you back to your home country in case of emergencies) may not be covered by many hospitalization plans, and is very expensive to arrange, without travel insurance.

If you're covered by a Travel Insurance policy provided by your employer, do check whether this covers personal holidays as well, because most don't cover non-business travel. That's why you should purchase specific travel insurance to cover the period of your personal trip.



What are the Most Common
Travel Insurance Claims?

The most common travel insurance claims made are on:

  • Travel Delay and Travel Cancellation
  • Lost Luggage
  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost, Damaged or Stolen Property
  • Lost or Stolen Money 

Although you can take precautions during your travels to reduce your risks, unfortunately it's not possible to avoid all incidents when traveling. So do remember to watch out for your belongings, valuable items and travel documents, while protecting yourself and your loved ones with travel insurance.


How Much
Travel Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

You can purchase travel insurance for a specific trip or an annual policy to save more, if you intend to travel regularly during the year. If you travel more than 6-9 times a year, an annual policy will be a better value for money.

If you're travelling with your spouse and children, you can consider purchasing family plans, which is a better value for money than single plans for each family member.

The key benefits, including overseas medical treatment and emergency repatriation, baggage loss or delay and trips delay or cancellation are available across all plans, but the claim limits may differ.

If you plan to bring many expensive items on your trip, you may want to buy a policy with a higher baggage claim limit.

There may be additional benefits that are trip-specific, and you should consider these when making your purchase. For example:

  • If you're going to drive on your holiday, you should buy a plan that covers the rental vehicle.
  • If you're going to participate in sporting activities, like scuba diving, rock climbing or skiing, you should buy a plan that covers amateur sports.





What is a Travel Insurance Policy Like?

The premium payment is made at the start of the policy. There is no refund of premium if you terminate a single trip policy. You may be able to get a small refund for an annual policy if you cancel the policy early during the policy period, without any claims made.

Most Travel Insurance policies have around 15 different categories of benefits. However, we suggest focusing on the key benefits that are important to you when making your choice, to ensure that the level of coverage is suitable for you.

Remember that each travel policy covers one policyholder. This means that if you have a number of check-in baggages, you should try to check these in under a different (insured) person.



How Do You Choose the Most Suitable

Travel Insurance for Your Trip?

Generali, AIG, Zurich, Chubb and more!

The top 5 to 6 products are shown side-by-side for easy comparison.
Key features are highlighted in our comparison tables for your convenience!



 Smart Traveller Enhanced
SmartTraveller VIP

With Smart Traveller Enhanced unlimited medical evacuation, you no longer need to worry about the costs of transporting yourself home for full medical treatment. This policy provides high medical cover and credit card fraud cover.

Capital Guaranteed

 Zurich Travel Insurance

What if my flight got delayed? Zurich's Travel Insurance policy provides the highest travel delay compensation. To top that, it also has the highest child education fund coverage.

Capital Guaranteed

 Chubb Travel Insurance

Love playing golf? This policy provides unlimited medical cover and golf lifestyle coverage. Reimbursement of hospitality expenses upon Hole-in-One, loss of golf equipment due to theft and unused golf green fees if there is injury or sickness.

Commonly Asked Questions about Travel Insurance

  1. Can I get a refund if I cancel my travel insurance?

    You can only cancel your application if the policy has not been issued. Once the policy is issued, there will be no refund of premium should you terminate a single trip policy. However, you might be able to get a small refund if you purchased an annual policy, and cancelled it early during the policy period without making any claims.

  2. Is buying a family cover cheaper?

    Yes. However, do take note that some benefits may be lower for family covers, as compared to individual travel insurance.

  3. I’m not a Malaysian, can I still buy travel insurance from here?

    The travel insurance available here are only for travellers who are residing in Malaysia, and intend to depart from and return to Malaysia. If you're departing from Singapore or Hong Kong, you can visit InsureDIY Singapore or InsureDIY Hong Kong for your travel insurance policies.  

  4. Why should I buy from InsureDIY?

    InsureDIY has over 100 years of collective experience. We make comparing and buying insurance simplified, transparent and fast.

    InsureDIY also has the best deals you don’t want to miss out! 

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